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The Xiaomi High Capacity Gel Pen features a smooth pen tip with a higher capacity tank for longer-lasting usage. Now you can write up to four times the length of a conventional gel pen thanks to its direct-injection ink storage with an upgraded capacity. Its Japanese-imported MiKuni ink allows for solid colours and a seamless, uninterrupted flow when writing. Its design ensures a high flow rate or ink for more consistency while the pen glides smoothly across the page. This makes the Xiaomi High Capacity Gel Pen ideal for everyday writing, note-taking, doodling or making bullet journals.

The 0.5 mm bullet nib, made by Swiss Mikron machines, is reliable, durable and precise. A spring built into the pen nib presses the ball against the opening when placed horizontally, to ensure proper sealing, effectively preventing ink leakage. This makes sure that the pen will not dry out easily even if the cap is lost. Its textured barrel design allows for a comfortable grip allowing you to write for extended periods of time. Its partially transparent barrel design visually indicates the remaining ink level and has a non-slip grip.


  • 0.5mm Spring bullet nib
  • Japanese MiKuni ink
  • Higher capacity for 4x writing length
  • Writes smoother for longer
  • Comes in a pack of 10


  • Colour: Black
  • Pen Type: 0.5mm refill Gel Ink Pen
  • Shelf Life: 2 Years


  • Xiaomi High Capacity Gel Pen – Black x10